1. Start
  2. Installation
  3. Admin Options
  4. Image Settings
  5. Layouts
  6. Featured Module
  7. Latest, Bestseller, Specials Modules
  8. Banners and Slideshow Modules
  9. Fonts Settings
  10. Support


Premium and responsive opencart theme

LAGON is 100% Responsive Opencart theme e-commerce theme created to suit all customers needs and all types of products. Also we challenge with this theme as it will satisfy all your needs. Created by latest techniques ot Html5 / CSS3, 960 Grid System, and well commented and organized codes with powerful theme options to change every every thing on theme.


Apply any replacement during transfering files and please follow our instructions carefully ...

  1. You will find these folders in FILES_TO_UPLOAD / V-x folder:
    • 1.5.6,
  2. Choose any of your opencart themes you have and choose the same version from FILES_TO_UPLOAD folder.
  3. Open your ftp programme (File Zilla) recommended.
  4. Open One of our versions that compatible with your opencart veriosn that you already installed. You will find 4 folders (admin - catalog - image) and your pre installed store in remote window as shown. 

  5. Open the folder containing the 4 folders as shown in the image and choose them then drag and drop them on the remote server on your store root and accept any replacement.
  6. After adding all theme files so you finished.


Activate theme :

After your replacement process go to your online store and go to your administration choose

System ---> settings ---> Store ---> Template: lagon

and click  ----- save


Admin Options

After installing Lagon theme you must activate theme options from admin panel

Go to Extensions ---> modules 

and install lagon theme options module



Theme options created to be very easy to understand with most powerful options to cahnge lagon theme as you want with any product.

It supported with :

  1. color picker.
  2. default patterns.
  3. custom patterns.
  4. custom image background.
  5. Unlimited Google Fonts.
  6. Custom footer options.



Image Settings

After installing Lagon theme correctly you should apply images settings

just follow this steps :

From System --->> Settings --->> Image

Enter dimensions values as shown :



Lagon created to be 1, 2 or 3 columns as you want just activate any module on any column or in both right and left column to have 3 columns layout.

Latest, Bestseller, Specials Modules

Apply this vlaues to Latest, Bestsellers, speciald modules :

Banners and Slideshow Modules

Apply this vlaues to Banner module :

To get the best resolution add the images with the same width and height values that you will set it on admin banner module or slideshow module width and height values.

Fonts Settings

When go to Lagon theme options and activate it you can now access to font management :

How to add fonts from google fonts site ?

  1. Go to this site : http://www.google.com/webfonts
  2. Choose your favourite font and click on Quick-use link of font.
  3. You will be redirected to font page details.
  4. Go to the down of the page to get the font family name and font link name :